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Core Insight PLANET


Core Insight PLANET is our sustainability practice, which deals with managing and influencing behavioural responses, issues and market opportunities related to energy, sustainability and climate change.

We offer specialist insight into strategic behaviour that requires fresh thinking around the major issues affecting our society and planet.

We have adapted the best psychological and business tools on offer to create innovative approaches to meet the current or developing challenges.



  • Stakeholder Audit
    In-depth analysis of internal and external stakeholders forms the basis of our unique behavioural approach to address key business challenges
  • Market Snapshot
    Current market intelligence of your competitive landscape, including views of the media, key influencers, industry spokespeople, analysts, suppliers, customers, employees and major competitors, create an additional indicator to complete your strategic matrix
  • Psychographics Indicator
    Our paradigm-changing Eco+ Psychographics Indicator can predict sustainable behaviour and attitudes to climate and sustainability issues. Psychographics is a powerful tool, which cuts across the usual segmentation approaches, which use age, education, profession, and socio-economic indicators.
  • Core Beliefs Mapping of Resistance Strategies and Emotional Barriers
    Deeper insight to questions raised in the Stakeholder Audit and Market Snapshot can add further granularity to understanding and strategic approaches.
  • Spiral Mapping
    Spiral Mapping is an advanced tool, which plots the major psychological levels of your key stakeholder groups, offering further insight and key intelligence for alignment of your organisational focus


  • Behavioural Strategy
    Your Eco+ Stakeholder Audit and Eco+ Market Snapshot create significant insights for a definitive strategic approach to behavioural change, aligned to meet your sustainability business imperatives
  • Deep-Dive Leadership Summit for Intentional Engagement
    An insightful 2 day capacity-building intensive to ensure your board and leadership teams embody the strengths and qualities demanded of this time and to carry the vision and practical response of your organisation forward with passion and drive


  • Advocacy Reframe
    How word of mouth advocacy is driving growth, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and share price whilst supporting the planet's sustainability
  • Whole Messaging Communications
    Our simple but profound whole messaging approach to communications will ensure your message is heard and embraced by all the psychographic profiles in your target audiences

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