maze We get to the core of people's motivation

How we work


We have experience working on challenging business issues across a variety of sectors with different-sized organisations.

For small and medium companies, we partner and co-create with you to manage key areas where you lack expertise and require people-related insight and support.

For larger organisations, we work in one area or across the business on a variety of complex, interdependent issues that need addressing.

  1. The Brief
    We meet and discuss your specific challenge or issue and overview our approach.
  2. Research and Situational Audit
    Our investigation of the underlying causes of an issue provides the understanding which is foundational to insightful solutions.
  3. Development of Strategic Approach
    Our strategy to address the issue will come out of the insight of Step 2 and will be based on fresh thinking and an innovative approach.
  4. The Intervention or Program
    This phase can vary in complexity depending on the business issue or behavioural solution required. Frequent Pulse Checks and realignment of strategies are part of the process as the project moves forward.
  5. Evaluation
    Our work always concludes with an evaluation of the project and its key outcomes.