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Capabilities: Leadership and Teaming


We use an insight-driven approach to your unique leadership or teaming challenge. Here is an overview of some of the programs we have delivered to our clients.

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Generation 7Generation 7

Accelerated leadership builds resilient and cohesive executive teams who can respond to the rapidly changing business environment

Redefining the SummitRedefining the Summit

A high-impact program for those undergoing transition and change in career and life

Accelerating Team PerformanceAccelerating Team Performance

High-impact workshops using Strategy Maps for engaging teams

The Trusted Advisor The Trusted Adviser

Skills-based program for becoming a trusted adviser

Rising StarsEmerging Leaders

A fast-track leadership program for your rising stars

Leading Cultural ShiftsLeading Cultural Shifts

A proven response and process for restructuring and refocusing people in times of change

Social Intelligence MasterySocial Intelligence Mastery

Key skills for maximising people interaction

Shift from Ambition to Meaning Money to Meaning

A two-day program to activate a renewed life purpose and a fresh future

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Stephen Richards, head of equity derivatives Westpac, found Generation 7 Accelerated Leadership had fantastic results as it took employee engagement from 58 percent to 94 percent in just 12 months and had tangible business results.