we get to the core of what drives behaviour Leading thinking to get to the core of why people behave as they do

About us


As behavioural specialists, Core Insight works with innovative leaders and forward-thinking organisations who wish to understand and influence the underlying motivations of people in their culture and stakeholder base.

We help clients address cultural and engagement issues, create powerful advocacy strategies, galvanise leaders and teams to exceptional performance and offer fast, accurate insight into stakeholder behaviour, which has a major impact on organisational goals and business success.

Our work includes:

  • Behavioural Insight Research
    Our unique qualitative and quantitative research methodology informs our insight-driven strategies, advice and solutions
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    We help clients understand and influence their key stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, media, leadership, unions and community
  • Insight Driven Strategies
    Research underpins our strategic approach to solving challenging business issues and gets to the heart of why people behave as they do
  • Transformational and Change Management
    Our innovative and comprehensive change and transformation approach has been a success-driver in many of our client projects
  • Brain-based Psychographics
    Using the latest findings in neuroscience, we can focus on people's individual drivers to provide deep insight and influencing strategies to align with how they think, feel and respond.

Our work is based on paradigm-changing frameworks, which look at the brain and its influence on behaviour, leading-edge human intelligence and developmental models, and the most progressive leadership thinking in today's business world.

Our offerings have been used in major Australian organisations such as AMP, CBA, GIO, e*Trade, Perpetual, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RMIT, Sydney Water, Westpac and Federal, State and Local Government entities Australia-wide.

According to AMP's head of growth and research, group strategy, Matthew Ayres, the application of these behavioural insights and frameworks have the potential to assist in the renewing of corporate Australia.